Who I am


My name is Volker Patent, and I am a chartered psychologist and a qualified life coach. I am based in the UK in Bedfordshire.

I have worked in areas of self-development in academic, vocational and personal settings for many years and so have extensive experience of helping others achieve their goals, including my own.

As a coach, I work by helping people realize their aspirations and dreams, to enhance their jobs/careers, their relationships and move their lives in the direction they want to go. I have experience of working and consulting in different industries, including self-employment and small businesses.

My work as a coach aims to help unlock and maximize my clients’ potential, maximising well-being and happiness and design for life that works for them. I work on the full spectrum of modalities, looking at behaviour, body, mind and soul and my approach is informed by a deep understanding of human psychology

I have worked as an academic lecturer at the Open University and my research interest trust in organisational relationships and sustainability, and more recently trust in coaching. I have worked as a researcher and consultant in industry as well as community settings and have worked as behaviour therapist in the National Health Services.

I have trained in Psychology at Brunel Unviersity (BSc Psychology, 1985-1989), Hertfordshire University (MSc Occuaptional Psychology, 1992-1993) and The Open University (PhD, 2008-2014). I have further relevant training experience with the Tavistock Institute (1991 and 1992) the coaching academy (2015-2019) and am accredited in psychometric testing (British Psychological Society). I also hold a certificate from MIT in uLab methodology (2018) and Human centred design (2019, Ideo.org). The latter two which re also the most recent have been particularly instrumental in applying design principles to coaching interventions.

As a psychologist, I have extensive knowledge of difficult psychological issues that prevent people from moving forward, including confidence, self-esteem, anxiety, goal setting, time management, motivation and others. My professional interest in coaching arose because I wanted to be able to create a life for myself that was active and enable me to achieve many different aspirations, developing a sense of accomplishment, creativity and satisfying my curiosity about different modalities of life (for example academic, personal, artistic and spiritual). The idea of balance and growth are recurrent themes in both my art as well as how I continue my self-development and in my work in organisations.

Outside of my academic and coaching career, one of my latest goals is to work on revisiting painting and drawing and reconnecting with a past time from my school days. I am now active as a digital artist specifically building fractals and mandalas (my Art Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MandelGod/) and have exhibited some of my work in regional Art exhibitions. In my Art I am focussed on exploring the relationship between complexity, chaos and psychological growth, awareness and consciousness. I am also active in performing live music, recording and writing songs. This is a lifelong past-time to which I have dedicated time, money and energy and which is a fulfilling area of my life. and provides balance with the rest of my life in a way that works for me.

My art work ‘Green Hell’ 2018