Here are a few of my clients giving their testimonials.

“2016 has been a particularly challenging year for me personally and professionally, particularly as I have struggled to find new professional work after taking a redundancy and have been coping with family health issues in Australia. […]

The sessions have been particularly good in allowing me to explore possibilities I had not considered in my work and personal life and getting me to challenge myself in terms of reflecting on my true aspirations versus societal expectations.

Thus for me, the value of the sessions with Volker has not been so much about achieving a series of short term goals (although we did set some) but more the major goal I had at the outset of understanding myself and “what drives me” better. In that sense Volker has a real strength in working with someone facing major life transitions and I would welcome working with him again in the future.”

Darren, Australia.

“Volker really helped me breakdown what felt like some very overwhelming goals into achievable steps. He helped me to find clarity, gain perspective and take action. He also encouraged me to pursue avenues that I hadn’t considered. He helped me set some very specific goals and was great a t making me aware of some limiting beliefs that I had. Without the coaching that Volker provided I don’t think I would be at the stage I am now. Thank you Volker”

Mona, Nottingham

“Through working with Volker my confidence has increased. He helped me to clarify what was important to me and because of that my goals have changed. I felt understood and supported during our sessions. Working with Volker was a valuable experience.”

Natalie, London

“I have had 9 coaching sessions with Volker Patent; I found him to be very professional and logical in his approach.  The sessions were very useful to me as he made me focus on what was actually causing issues for me and then making me think about what I could do to address them, encouraging me to be more assertive and coming up with practical plans.  He also set timescales for me to complete tasks to address issues which was very useful as it prevented a lot of procrastination on my part, which I tend to do when I want to avoid conflict in addressing issues.”

Karen, Milton Keynes

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