My approach


My approach is informed by psychological evidence and coaching practice. This means I am drawing on a long history of research in areas related to coaching, for example, goal-setting, time management, positive psychology and others to ensure my work with clients is based on the best that psychology has to offer.


I aim to provide clients with clarity of thought and action, commitment to their growth and connection between what matters to you at a deeper level and the world around you. This draws on and develops your psychological strengths so you can engage the world with passion, courage and energy. Ultimately your needs, interests and aspirations are at the core of this approach, working towards making your dreams and aspirations become reality.


I work primarily via skype or phone, although I can also arrange face to face sessions by negotiation. From experience, many clients lead busy lives and the ability to connect digitally provides a compromise to fitting coaching around people’s time. This also provides flexibility in terms fo the times of the day I can offer coaching. Sessions can be booked between 8am in the morning until 7pm in the evening

Coaching focus

As outlined elsewhere in this website, coaching is not counselling and mentoring although it shares some similarities. Work that I do with clients is coaching and NOT mentoring and counselling. If as a result, fo coaching it becomes evident that you need either mentoring or counselling, I will discuss this with you and make appropriate referrals as agreed between us.

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